Gumball machines and Toy vending machines

Krishna Trading is one of the top distributors for in- & outdoor vending machines and capsuled toys in Germany: Great Selection – Low Prices – International Shipping.

Our vending machines are 100% mechanical – keeping maintenance cost to a minimum. The gum and toy machines are perfect for shopping malls, ice cream parlours, amusement parks and paediatrics.

Your One-Stop for Vending Machines and Small Toys

A successful vending machine business works best with toys kids love. Each year we are screening the toy industry for the next big thing. Together with our partners in Asia, we can offer new trends and great innovations each season – since 1994.

“Content is King” – Novelties and Classics

New trends are coming and going. However, some toy evergreens stand the test of time. We are proud of our great selection with new toys each season and popular classics such as jewellery, stickies, bouncing balls and gumballs. With Krishna Trading you can present the best content in your vending machines.

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Gum Ball Vending Machines – Not a Thing of the Past